Maintenance Mode

Day 123, Feast Day #68

So I lost another pound for a total of 27 pounds lost in 17.5 weeks. Normally this would be a great accomplishment, especially losing weight after a feast day. However, if I lose much more weight my wedding dress is going to be too baggy and maybe fall off. I only have 18 days left until I walk down the aisle so that limits the time I could get the dress altered. More importantly, I do not want to spend more money on that dress! It's a great dress, it looks great on me, but I am wearing it once. My expensive outfit expires within 24 hours. I do not need to be spending more money on it.

My solution? It is much cheaper to fast less often to maintain my weight (or possibly gain back some weight in my case) compared to altering my dress again.

Fasting periodically to maintain one's weight is what is commonly referred to as "maintenance mode" by other fasters. Dr. Michael Mosley for instance fasts just 1 day a week (a 6:1 schedule) to maintain the weight he lost while doing a 5:2 diet and to get some of the other benefits of fasting. Other people go from ADF to 5:2 or 6:1. Some people who just fast for weight loss (not the biochemical changes) just go back to everyday calorie restriction.

So my goal until August 25th is maintenance, not weight loss, in the hopes my wedding dress will fit nicely. So more feasting will happen.I 

Hence, I will try my best to pig out on my feast days for a couple of weeks. I broke my fast with a gross amount of carbs and wheat yesterday in the form of beer, a soft pretzel, and a burger bun. I got home after that and passed out soon after. I swear all the wheat and carbs resulted in a food coma I couldn't fight off. I felt awful physically after that feast and later groggy and hungry the next morning. I think it might be better if I try to get fat on potatoes instead. Sorry body.


  1. Well I bet you never thought you'd be trying to not lose weight...! The weight seems to have been falling off you again recently. Hope the dress still fits!

  2. I hope it fits too. I am still at -27 lbs after stuffing myself on Monday night. I am not sure what is speeding up the weight loss. The only constants have been that fish stew and that I have been replacing coffee with teas. Zach told me I have become a weight loss machine this morning, haha.

  3. Good luck with your wedding dress! My wedding dress had a lace up corset, so I didn't think I would need alterations if I gained or lost any weight. Unfortunately, when I tried it on a few weeks before the wedding (after losing 7 pounds since the initial fitting), it was baggy in the hip area where the corset didn't reach. I had to get the alterations after all, but at least I am not spending an extra $200 on the preservation kit they tried to sell me!

  4. Yeah, there was no way I was getting suckered into a preservation kit either. What do they think I am, a museum curator?