About Lauren

I am a 20-something living and working in Seattle, WA. Zach, who is frequently mentioned in the blog, is my fiancĂ© and is the reason we started this experiment with alternate day fasting (ADF).

I have never followed a diet before. I frankly love eating. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy a microbrew or two now and then. So this whole eating a tiny meal every other day is a challenge. However, I am willing to give this alternative eating pattern a try since I would like to avoid the diseases in my family history that are waiting for me as I age including: diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

I am highly interested in food and eating. My parents currently work and have worked in the fields of food science, food production, and medicine. I myself, back when I was in high school, presented my junior year biology project on the blood type diet at the Washington Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. That diet is based on a bunch of pseudoscience (and possibly a little racism). That was my only formal exploration of nutrition and dieting up until starting ADF.

This is my third blog. My first was about my cross-country road trip from Maryland back to Washington state. The second was about a 4-day beer road trip exploring 12 different breweries across in SW Washington and Oregon.