Week 8 Summary

Day 56, Fast Day #27

I got back on the scale today and turns out that I lost another pound, for a total of 18 lbs lost during the last couple of months. Alternate day fasting seems to be working well for me, as I am losing an average of 2.25 lbs per week at this point and not regaining the weight back. I am still making progress, which makes it easier to stay in this revolving door of calorie restriction. Below is a graph showing my progress:

Remember, I did not have a scale when starting this experiment and my initial weight is from March 30th, when I had last hopped on the scale at my future in-laws house. I started ADF on April 6th and bought a scale on April 14th, so the initial 9 lbs of weight loss was very likely more gradual than it appears. After that initial measurement, the weight loss has been a spurt, an 18-day plateau where I snuck in extra feast days for birthdays and social events, and now weight loss again. It will be interesting to see when and if I plateau again.

Week 1: 1,437 kcal or 76% of baseline calories
Week 2: 1,938 kcal or 102% of baseline calories
Week 3: 1,680 kcal or 89% of baseline calories
Week 4: 2,196 kcal or 116% of baseline calories
Week 5: 1,829 kcal or 96% of baseline calories
Week 6: 1,531 kcal or 81% of baseline calories
Week 7: 1,954 kcal or 103% of baseline calories
Week 8: 1,196 kcal or 63% of baseline calories

While ADFing: 1,720 kcal or 91% of baseline calories
Baseline Days: 1,896 kcal

All Feast Days: 2,881 kcal or 152% of baseline calories
All Fast Days*: 473 kcal or 25% of baseline calories

For reference
Week 1: 4 fast days, 3 feast days
Week 2: 3 fast days, 4 feast days
Week 3: 3 fast days*, 4 feast days
Week 4: 3 fast days, 4 feast days
Week 5: 3 fast days, 4 feast days
Week 6: 4 fast days, 3 feast days
Week 7: 3 fast days, 4 feast days
Week 8: 4 fast days, 3 feast days
*Includes faux-fast day that was my mama's birthday dinner.

With my average caloric intake being just shy of 1,200 kcal/day, it is no wonder that I dropped a total of 4 lbs this week. My average calories/day each week seesaws as the number of fast vs. feast days rotates. This week was an all-time low because I practiced much better self-control regards to food and drink. My up days averaged 2,142 kcal this week, which is 113% of my baseline eating (close to what Krista Varady, who researches ADF and diet interventions at the University of Illinois, found in her research) and is 39% less than my overall average feast day caloric intake. I am proud of myself for not letting myself overindulge this week, despite pausing slightly every time I walk by the giant 40 oz. open bag of pretzel M&Ms at my workplace.

Bags of pretzel M&Ms might as well be classified as biological weapons at the 40 oz. mark. Delicious, salty, sweet, and crunchy weapons of body mass destruction.

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