The Scale & Schedule

Day 10, Feast Day #5

This weekend I bit the bullet and bought a scale. One has to wonder how many scales actually sell at Wal-Mart. I was originally going to measure my weight loss in the very unscientific unit of American women's pant sizes. This is unreliable for many reasons including vanity sizing, brand differences, and the fact that I carry the majority of my weight in my lower half as a "pear" shape. I don't think pant sizes will be as motivating as a hard  pounds number anyway.

So what secrets did the mighty bathroom scale overlord reveal? I have lost 4 lbs or (1.8 kgs) since the last time I weighed myself (March 31, 2013). Obviously due to the lack of a baseline weight at the start of my diet, I cannot completely confirm this is entirely due to ADF. But given that MyFitnessPal predicted that my baseline eating habits would have had me maintaining my initial weight or gaining a little under a pound, I don't see how my previous non-action would have led to a 4 lb loss without some type of magic being involved. I also measured my waist at 33" the other day, so that is another number I can track.

Additionally this weekend I went from a midnight to midnight fast/feast schedule to a 10 pm to 10 pm schedule. I was staying up way past my bedtime in anticipation of breaking my fast with a before bed snack. I am getting much more sleep on the new schedule. I just need to be flexible with the idea of shortening feast days to accommodate life.

Also, no headache today! This is the first feast day without one.

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