Special Post: Please Help Pat & Jess

So this post has nothing to do with alternate day fasting. It is about the health of people, though.

You are probably already horribly aware that this past Monday a terrorist bombed the finish line of the Boston Marathon. One of my friends, Chris, went to Boston College. Sadly, his friend Pat Downes and his wife Jess were at the finish line when the explosions occurred and were badly injured.

Their insurance will not cover all of the costs of their surgeries, prostheses, and rehabilitation.

If you can, please donate to help Pat & Jess to help pay for the medical care they will need due to this horrific tragedy and send them your thoughts and/or prayers. Anything you can give helps.

My mother also works for the American Red Cross and they have been sending as much blood and plasma as they can to help the Boston Marathon bombing victims. My mom's office in Portland, OR was able to send 42 units of plasma. If you are able to donate blood in the US, please donate as soon as you can.

Please pass along the kindness.

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