LFMF: Bad Fast Day

Day 111, Fast Day #48

I am alive! I've just been blogging less furiously recently as I am in the last month before my wedding day now, so I am rushing to get all kinds of things done. Both my mother and future mother-in-law are staying at my apartment tomorrow for the bridal shower this weekend. On top of that, Zach is out of town for work, so I will be spending most of my evening cleaning tonight.

My routine has been pretty steady the last few days. I'm still restricting calories every other day down to 400-500 calories typically (minus occasional extra feast days for social events) and still eating what I want every other day. This past Sunday I did a 18 hour total fast (minus a cup of black coffee in the morning) and then went to a BBQ party that evening. I am putting in an extra feast day this Saturday for my bridal shower, which works out because otherwise I would have had to put one in next Wednesday anyway for a fondue/making wedding decorations party.

I weighed in this morning and I am holding steady weight-wise at a 23 pound loss. After measuring myself today, I discovered that I lost another inch from my hips. The new totals for inches lost are 2 inches from my hips2 inches from my waist, and an inch from my neckMy clothes have gotten noticeably baggy at this point and all of my shorts have become saggy ass sad girl shorts. If you haven't watched the sketch show Portlandia, this will enlighten you:

Saggy ass sad girl shorts are a part of my summer attire right now.

And now for my very real saggy ass sad girl shorts:
They are even orange. Was I that sad when I bought these?
I still have a few more hours to go until my breakfast time and I am already hungry. Ugh. Right now I have some hibiscus tea filling my tummy in the interim. One factor is that I have been sleep deprived over the last couple of days, which is not helping my urge to chow down. One poor eating decision I made today also triggered a cascade of events leading to my irritating hunger today.

I ate an unexpected amount of calories from part of a burger patty that was 73/27 (lean to fat ratio), unlike a normal 85/15, 80/20 or a 90/10 ground beef. The patty didn't even taste very good, as it was a frozen patty leftover from the July 4th party. Extra calories from the ground beef led to me not getting to eat the cucumber or bell pepper I desired for lunch. This in turn led to me eating less than 25% of my normal fast day fiber intake. I know fiber and protein are both supposed to be filling, but apparently the fiber part is more important for me. My lack of fiber will undoubtedly trigger further consequences. This is the brutal reality of eating part of a burger patty on a fast day. Learn from my fail.

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