New Favorite Ready-Made Fast Day Food

Day 38, Fast Day #18

Zach and I renewed our Costco membership this weekend due to the cost-effectiveness of buying bulk lactase pills and allergy medication. For those that are unfamiliar with Costco, it is a company started in my home state of Washington that sells you pretty nice quality stuff (food, clothes, electronics, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, housewares  etc.) in giant warehouses. Many of their products come in bulk quantities, so unless we are having a party, Zach and I have to be willing to commit to any food we buy there for the rest of the week or perhaps several months. Luckily it is easy to commit to lots of fresh produce these days,

My favorite Costco purchase from this weekend is my new favorite ready-made fast day food: Amylu's Sugarhouse Maple Breakfast Chicken Sausage mini links. They are basically tiny versions of these ones:
from the ATK Foods website, the makers of Sausages by Amylu

Why am I happy we got these little chicken sausages? For one, they taste great. I don't normally go nuts over non-pork sausage, but this one has a nice savory and sweet taste combination. I just put them in a little water in a skillet over medium heat then BOOM, after a few minutes I have these tasty little suckers hot and covered in a nice glaze. Second, these sausages are a good source of protein, about 30% of my DRV, for only 90 calories per three mini links. Lastly, these breakfast links are nitrate-free and have no artificial preservatives or MSG.  These links are gluten-free and dairy-free as an added bonus. I will also note that despite their sugary name, there is only 2 grams of sugar per serving. That is less than three of those strawberries I ate.

I had three mini sausage links tonight with one serving of Progresso's Hearty Tomato soup (~110 kcal) for my dinner. The protein was great after my lunch of 11 large strawberries (~63 kcal), a salad with a half bell pepper (~30 kcal), 3 medium celery stalks (~17 kcal), and half of an English cucumber (~22 kcal) topped with some Newman's Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette (45 kcal). I also had a full can of Progresso's Light Savory Vegetable Barley Soup (~120 kcal). So about ~497 calories total.

And no, I am not a paid chicken sausage spokeswoman for ATK Foods, I just really enjoy these breakfast sausages, especially on a fast day.

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