I Could Have Had Wine

Day 46, Fast Day #22

I have gotten into a mundane routine for fast days in the work week. I think is is because the time I would spend on meal planning has gone into wedding planning recently.

Drink a cup of coffee or two
Drink water and herbal tea until the hunger becomes particularly irritating

Afternoon (around 1:30-2:30 pm):
Make and eat a salad with a lite dressing
Heat up and eat a can of low-calorie soup

Late Afternoon:
Snack on some raw fruit

Eat a small snack with my remaining 60-100 calories at home

The salad varies with what fruits and veggies Zach and I bought that week. Today is was two cups of baby kale (35 kcal), a Roma tomato (35 kcal), 4 mini sweet peppers (53 kcal), and half of an English cucumber (22 kcal).

Today I ended up having less than my usual dinnertime balance of calories. I mindlessly snacked on a large bunch of red grapes and ended up eating around 40 of them (over 130 kcal), about twice as much as what I had planned. Whoops. What is more irritating is that I ate enough grapes that I could have had a glass of wine instead! So tonight's dinner was just some pickled vegetables.

I can't eat all of my calories in one lunchtime sitting like I had been earlier on, probably because my appetite has decreased from caloric restriction. I also have been eating a lot of water volume during my lunch meal, so the size of my lunch is large, but it is not dense in calories. I think I would like to get back to eating just one meal so I save time and so I have more continuous time fasting on down days. I need to come up with some more hearty lunches that will hold me over until the start of the next feast day and take the time to prep my fast day food the night before. 

This all goes back to me needing to spend more time meal planning.

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